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more sources released02/19/2009

since i don't have the time to continue development of s1res and s1clone, i want to give all my sources free to the public now! anybody is allowed to checkout the files from the svn-repository, located at https://s1mp3.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/s1mp3/trunk/. to update the repository you have to join the sourceforge project first. the win32-executable of s1res is now available for free from the download section.

price cut for s1res06/30/2008

finally i'am able to offer you a price cut for s1res:
purchase a license of this great tool for only 15USD now!

new s1clone release05/28/2008

a new beta version of s1clone is available which should operate faster on v9 devices!

new s1res release04/09/2008

a new version of s1res is available!

new email address04/07/2008

please notify my email address has changed.
read the contact page for more informations.

new s1res release03/12/2008

a new version of s1res is available!


i'am on holiday from 13th to 19th januar.
any registration will be processed right after this period.
please apologise for any inconvenience.

s1res v3.2 update12/13/2007

a new release of s1res is available, supporting more v9 devices! please test your device and report any further errors.

s1res v3.1 update12/04/2007

a new release of s1res is available, supporting more v9 devices! please test your device and report any further errors. also the license fee was reduced to $25 (USD). all previous buyers will receive a refund.

FINALLY: s1res v3 is available!11/27/2007

the new version of s1res is finished, now providing a much better editor with direct access to the player's firmware. and even more important: it should be capable to access v9-devices now!

another s1clone update11/16/2007

released another s1clone version! since i figured out some changes on the nand state-machine included into some v9 devices, s1clone will now support a wider range of v9 devices, hopefully. also the application provides some easy-to-use win32 installer now. NOTE: the new version of s1res will also follow during the next weeks.

s1clone update10/03/2007

released a new s1clone, fixing the diff-warning bug. supports image verification now!

new tool: s1clone06/04/2007

s1clone (earlier called s1flash) is a new win32 wizard which will clone your mp3 players flash. you could use this tool for backup reasons or to repair a broken player with the flash from another one, containing equal hardware. this is the first tool which supports v9 players!! (more to come)

new s1fwx version04/10/2007

s1fwx now supports to upload dumped and unrepaired(!) firmware files back to your player. v9 players still doesn't get supported by s1fwx. another tool is on it's way instead.

s1flash released03/22/2007

i finally released a tool to repair players who don't have a full firmware available by "brute-force" cloning the entire(!) flash content from a working device! of course this is only able if you could get access to an identical s1mpX player with an equal or at least smaller flash size. to clone eg. 128MB, the tool will need some time (~1h). but anything is better than owning an expensive paperweight. don't forget about donating me some money on success, just to support my work!

new s1res release11/21/2006

a new version of s1res is available. beside removing some bugs, now it's able to even edit large (2" sized) images. don't forget to buy a license if you find my tool usefull!

new release for s1mp3 developers: s1giveio08/13/2006

if you're a coder and need a tool to analyze/debug your s1mp3 player, you wouldnt want to miss this tool, believe me! looking like the old-style "debug"-console coming with "MS-DOS" and windows2k3, this one gives the user "real time" access to the players hardware. this way it will aid developping of new hardware like displays, flash chips, radio controller, etc... head over to the download section and grab it now. to all other people who still wait for s1up/ s1rescue: i still keep working on this tool, please stay tuned!

new version of s1res available07/21/2006

don't miss to grab the new version of s1res. this one supports drag'n'drop to import fonts and images, making life a bit more easy for all theme-changing ppl. just select the item you want to replace and feed it with your mouse! much fun, and dont forget to donate some money for my work! i know you need it.

damaged my only player during development!04/28/2006

bad news! i damaged my only s1 mp3 player during the development of s1fwx and s1up. now iam not able to continue developping those tools until i buy some new player. since iam quite out of money, i hope some few more people will support my project by donating or at least by following the advertise links of my page. i let you know when i could continue this projects.

released new version of s1fwx, please backup your firmware again!03/01/2006

during the development of my self-made upload-program (s1up) i figured out that there are additional informations needed, which doesnt gets extracted using old versions of s1fwx. to prevent this lack of informations, i quickly updated s1fwx to v3.0. this one will add further informations to the extracted firmware image (AFI) file. i suggest all people to do an additional backup of their firmware using this version! also keep the backup, if you need to repair the extracted file! this wouldnt let you recover using the original update tool, but it could let you update using s1up, if this tool gets finished someday.

good news for people with dead players02/21/2006

a new tool called s1up is in development. this win32 program will replace the original MP3UpdateTool and will enable users to update and(!) recover directly to their extracted firmwares. the file will be soon available at the download section!

s1fwx source code at s1mp3.sourceforge.net10/26/2005

s1fwx sources are available at sourceforge now

first success10/24/2005

finally i got it managed to compile and upload some code to my s1 mp3 player, displaying some text on the screen. head over to my download section and grab the s1first project files. now we are able to take the next stage: develop some own usb upload routine.

new releases09/14/2005

i released s1fwx v2.6 and s1res v1.2.
now its possible to change icons, graphics and text of your player.
it would be nice if you could post your self-made icon replacements and we could build a resource library here.

page created09/04/2005

finally i got my page ready containing all my free s1mp3 tools and instructions/support at one place. whether you damaged your player and want to repair it, or if you want to develop software for s1mp3 devices, this place should be of your interrest.
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